Interpretation: Translation of Life by Erwin McManus

The hard work of changing our perspective          Begin a process to investigate how you see the world. Make two lists: everything good in your life; everything bad in your life. Now examine your lists. Which list is longer? Which list came more naturally? Is it easier for you to be pessimistic or to be optimistic? […]

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yes you

Episode 004 – What is He After?

Is your life a mere chain of random events with no seeming rhyme nor reason?  When things go wrong do you consider God may be after something in your life which is not readily apparent within the given circumstance.   Subscribe on iTunes to the CounterPoint podcast I was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams   […]

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Refuse to Surrender

We have no control over the status of our birth or the genetic configuration that makes someone a prodigy or a genius, but we all have the opportunity to step into life’s circumstances and refuse to surrender to the mundane. We can bring meaning to every moment in every circumstance. ~McManus

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