Our Name

What is CounterPoint?

This word/name came to me during a time of solitude and reflection.  I had a general idea of its meaning; but not being a word common to my vocabulary, I referred to the dictionary.  What I found there resonated in my heart.  There are two definitions for CounterPoint.

o      A CounterPoint is any element that is juxtaposed and contrasted with another, to show differences when compared, or to set in contrast.

  • It is a call to the believer is to stand in contrast of the prevailing worldview and to lift up a righteous standard built on Truth, Honor, and Authenticity.
  • It is a call to see God fresh and anew in their personal life, in contrast to their life experience and even faith tradition, so they may experience His love and presence in an ever-increasing manner.

o      A CounterPoint is the technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their individuality.

  • The melody line in the life of a believer means retaining our God-given individuality, with our unique personality, strengths and weaknesses, skills and talents, and then choosing to weave ourselves together into something larger and stronger as a Kingdom-minded community.

CounterPoint: Setting people in contrast to those things which have, and continue to, influence their lives… in order to…bring freedom, redemption and restoration…then to set them loose on the world around them for the glory of God’s kingdom.

Reference: www.dictionary.com