S2:E5 Soul Keeping

I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
S2:E5 Soul Keeping

Life hinges on the care of your soul

Life is BUSY. No duh, you say.

So busy most find it impossible to care for their own soul. Always running…and running fast. Things to do, places to be, people to see! Have you ever slowed down enough to ask “why?” you are busy? Ever wondered why you are exhausted and strassed? Have you considered what may happen if you eliminate some of the many activities sucking your time, and life, away? Would the earth fall off its axis? Hardly. You may find time does exist for you to focus at the most important matters of life, such as soul care. Time to invest in your marriage, your children, etc. Tune in to be challenged. This podcast also offers some practical tips on soul care.

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Lead a CounterPoint life
Living Life in Contrast
Life Inescapable

Life ensured...inescapable
Infirmity harshly...confrontative
Heaviness carried...determined

Control lost...reality
Strides instinctive...unconscious
Words fleeting...confusion

Apprehension abounds...overwhelming
Stepping onward...resolute
Darkness surrounding...oppressive

Back bent...determined
Ground solid...firm
Life Inescapable...hopeful

By Stephen E. Adams

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