Episode 022 – Who are You?

I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
Episode 022 - Who are You?

How do you respond when someone asks “what do you do?” A simple, and cultural normal greeting, but isn’t the question somewhat limiting.  Are you only identifiable as your vocation? Is your identity limited to your career? True, your vocations may tell me quite about about you but it will never reveal who you truly are.  I will never see your heart? I will never know your humanity.

Beyond this earthly vocational identity, how does God see you? By what name does He call you?  What are His divine plans and purposes for you?

This week’s challenge is the ask Him the question, “How do you see me?”

Tune in this week and share the podcast with your friends.  I would love to hear from you and can be reached at contact@counterpt.org.



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