Beauty in Chaos

Can you there be Beauty in Chaos? 

Chaos is something most normal human beings prefer to avoid given the chance. As such, it carries negative connotation with respect to living a vibrant life, and yet, there a beauty can be found in the midst of the upheaval and disruption of chaos.  Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself this question, “why do I not like chaos?”

In such times we are feeling the impact of the circumstances (the chaos) but we are really encountering a rush of emotions coming from a lack of “control” at the present moment

That is it really.  We do not enjoy the feeling of, or literally being, out of control.  Our human nature compels us to believe we can control our life, our destiny, our circumstances.  If you were totally honest you would admit that you cannot control.

It is in these times we face the most daunting challenge or our existence: relinquish our self-will, bend our knee, and surrender our lives into the hands of the Heavenly Father.  Only in taking this challenging step can we find and experience Beauty in Chaos.

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