Conformity 2

Get back in line

So what is the difference between Conformity and Uniformity?

We have established that Conformity is taking action in accordance to prevailing social standards, attitudes and practices. Whereas Uniformity is the state or quality of overall sameness, homogeneity. These two words are not the same; specifically because in Uniformity we see the elimination of Personality. In the world today Uniformity takes on the appearance of political correctness, even the so-called social equality found in the women’s lib movement and dare I say, socialism.

We are to think the same things, believe the same things, do the same things, act the same way. Wait a minute, that is not just society but it sounds a lot like the church. Yes, you are right but there is a fine line we are dealing with. Recall the formula…the push for conformity morphs into uniformity when personality is stripped out of it.

For the record, Personality is the visible aspect of one’s character, or the embodiment of a collection of qualities.

In short, it is what makes you….you.

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