Month: April 2015

Don't stand out in the crowd

Conformity 3

Conformity in the Church Actually we are to conform to the holy life described in the Scripture.  Sadly this has been perverted in some church environments resulting in unbearable legalism.  Wny?  In Scripture, the church is called a “body”, comprised of different and distinct parts each serving a specific function ultimately serving for the benefit […]

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Get back in line

Conformity 2

So what is the difference between Conformity and Uniformity? We have established that Conformity is taking action in accordance to prevailing social standards, attitudes and practices. Whereas Uniformity is the state or quality of overall sameness, homogeneity. These two words are not the same; specifically because in Uniformity we see the elimination of Personality. In […]

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Standing out in the crowd

Conformity 1

Conformity minus Personality equals Uniformity  All of society seeks a level of conformity. Whether it be to a political view, wearing a brand of clothing, drinking the same beer, supporting the same social issue, adherence to speed limits, Ford versus Chevy, American versus foreign, even wearing a jersey of the select sports team.  Just look at TV commercials…it is […]

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I am what?

Outside the Box 7

 Freedom to Live Loved Not knowing, at a primal level, that we are profoundly loved is possibly one of the biggest problems in society today. Think about it…what is at the root of nearly every instance of someone acting out against others or sinning in a variety of ways? We don’t really understand that we […]

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