Outside the Box-4

I am out...now what?

Freedom to Be

We live in a performance-driven culture. It’s the American way, the Puritan work ethic. We are taught to work hard, to perform, to produce. Performance is rewarded in school, at work, and even in our home life. The voices of judgment – both from our own internal critics and those around us – are loud and clear if we should fail to perform to expectations.

Sometimes we perform so we can feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel like we are worth something in the world. Like we are important and we matter. Sometimes it is to please others or to gain approval from someone important to us. Sometimes we hide behind performing. The busyness keeps us from having to face things we may be feeling or going through that we would rather avoid.

What does this performance really get you though? Do you have anything more of genuine value to show for it at the end of the day? Who or what gets missed along the way? Does it truly make you more fulfilled? Does what you’re running away from really go away? Can you even hear the voice of God through the noise of your activity? Is what you’re striving for so hard really even you?

Dare to get off the speeding train that is your too-busy life! Challenge our works-driven culture. Ignore the voices of judgment and criticism. Don’t respond to the demands to produce for a moment. Dare to feel and really experience whatever you’re in with life right now. Take the time to let a deeper understanding of yourself and God and the world around you soak in.

Simply be…

  • Be the real you no matter what others say
  • Be in what you’re feeling
  • Be in the journey, whatever may happen or wherever it leads
  • Be in the emptiness or the fullness of the moment
  • Be in the silence and stillness
  • Be alone with yourself and God

Adapted From the Outside Edge


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