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Freedom to Choose

Life is all about choice.  Especially in America.  It’ is our badge of honor, our right, to have the ability to choose.  As such, we find that life rarely comes at us in black and white, with a clear yes or no, right or wrong. So, it becomes about the journey, the adventure and it has been this way since God gave Adam and Eve the freedom to choose in the Garden of Eden.

For many people freedom is good news but many more find such freedom of choice scary.  The find themselves caught in a life of second-guessing.  What if I make a mistake?  What if I miss out on something because of the path I choose?   What if I am on the wrong path altogether?   Is God going to be mad at us or abandon us if we choose the wrong one?

Yet the Genesis story shows God giving Adam and Eve (and all humanity) the freedom of choice. The life of Jesus yields similar examples. He didn’t stress over the limited understanding or poor choices of His disciples.  He just enjoyed the journey with them right where they were spiritually.  As they walked with Jesus for a while and began to understand Him more clearly, I imagine their spiritual beliefs and life choices began to shift.  It appears from reading the Bible that Jesus gave room for this to happen rather than worrying about changing them overnight or making sure they always made the right choices.

Any parent needs to understands the importance of this freedom. If you always make your children’s choices for them, they will remain immature forever. Only by making their own choices and learning through those choices, do they become mature adults. But don’t you continue to love them and walk with them through life anyway?  Sadly we view our spiritual journey with Christ differently.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes, ask questions, and try new paths
  • God is much bigger than your mistakes
  • It is okay not to have it all figured out or to change your mind about what you believe as you grow spiritually
  • Your faith is evolving as you become more like Christ
  • A religious system of rules doesn’t give you choice but instead tells you exactly what to do and think
  • Choice is about grace; choose to abide in grace
  • God is still with you no matter what choices you make

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