He Loves Me

The only true Light in this world

There is a children’s song from Sunday School which goes like this…

Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.

I have been pondering this simple phrase from this little song over the last couple of weeks and acknowledge most in the circle of Faith would immediately say, “Yes, of course He does”.  And they could reference verses or stories in the Holy Scripture to validate their point.  However, as we start a new year, I am more convinced a great many of us do not LIVE as if we believe: “He Loves Me”.

Let me set aside the notion of “sin” and the need to live rightly; although there is important truth in that.

I wish to address our compulsion to try and EARN His love in stark contrast to the very definition of GRACE and LOVE.  Scripture says His Love was given freely to all who seek Him but our actions belie the truth and we see it is played out in how we live our lives.

In the coming posts I will explore how He Loves Me can truly change our lives.





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