What God Wants-2

One day, while peering out the castle window, he notices the neighbor’s wife taking a bath in her rooftop hot tub. Suddenly living this divine destiny is not good enough any longer and he decides he wants, needs, deserves more. So, being the king, he simply takes what he wants.  He ships the woman’s husband, who is a soldier, off to war while he shacks up with the neighbor.  One should point out here the king should have been off with his troops leading he battle.  This course of action does not bode well for this man of supposed divine destiny.

David goes further and decides he wants this little fling to be a long-term gig however that darned husband could be a public relations nightmare.  It simply wouldn’t look right, the king stealing a man’s wife and all, so David plans a little “accident” for the husband.  This is beginning to sound like a gangster movie as he plots to have the soldier-husband lead the charge into the hottest part of the battle where his fate is surely sealed.

David believes he got away with it but God sends another prophet to call-him-out on his deplorable actions.  The prophet calls David’s behavior what it was….sin.  David had sinned against God, his family, and his country.  So, here we are looking at a man living in the midst of a God-ordained destiny and David screws up, big time.

 So what does God want from David?  What was God looking for from David all along? 

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