True Service to the Community

True Service to the Community

Have you ever served the church but you heart was not really in it?

Have you sensed a “loyalty oath” in the pressure exerted upon you to serve in some capacity of the church?

Have you ever coined your service as a “duty”?

I know I have, on all counts.

Frankly , I contend that when the ministry of the church is in right priority the other pieces will take care of themselves. When we are passionately following Christ and serving His purpose, at a truly personal level, we will be drawn naturally into service to the church. It will break the 80/20 paradigm that is talked about….where 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. I believe that the church will see an influx of committed servants because God is moving in their lives.

So much of the time is that we, as attendees, are present in church but exhibiting behavior typical for our society. We are consumers. We are only there to get what we want from the church. Maybe it is that boost just to make it another week. Maybe we are only there because of tradition. Maybe it our way of fulfilling our definition of Christianity. Whatever the case, church leadership feels compelled to beg, cajole, bribe, arm-twist, guilt-trip, loyalty-oath people into serving in some capacity the church.

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