Our Back Story


Everything and everyone around us in our culture is trying to make a Point.  We see politicians, friends, neighbors, families, and even bosses with an agenda and you, my friend, are in their sights.  They want you to think and believe as they do.  We find these cultural influences are not grounded in the Truth.

We are called to live a life of Truth, Honor, and Authenticity in the midst of this culture.  We are called to be a CounterPoint.

Our Purpose:

  • To equip others with the Truth and encouraging them to speak this Truth to a culture that has lost its moorings.
  • To empower men and women to live Honorably within their sphere of influence: family, work and community.
  • To emphasize the vital need to develop Authenticity in their relationships.

Vince Lombardi takes over as the new Packers coach.  The team just came off a season of 1-10-1.  Coach Lombardi walks into the locker room, holds a football over his head and says, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”   He proceeds to give his new team a lesson in “Football 101”.   A somewhat audacious step if you consider that these men are PROFESSIONAL football players.  This is not the junior varsity or rookies straight out of college but highly trained, paid professional athletes.  They know their business. Or do they?

Just as the Packers are with football, we are highly trained, paid professionals…at life.  Yet so many realize that in some segment of life they keep finishing the season with one win, one tie, and ten losses.  CounterPoint is devoted to helping other Finish Strong and find the end zone in a ever-increasing manner.

Remember that no matter your station in life, no matter your socio-economic soituation, no matter your successes or failures, no matter your race or creed…even the most highly paid and respected professional athletes need someone to tape an ankle, someone to work out a cramp, someone to provide a swift kick of motivation.  If we sop long enough to be honest with ourselves, none of us have our act together so it is time to drop the façade, face life head-on, and walk this journey in the Community of others.  Welcome to CounterPoint.

CounterPoint is a response to the facts:

  • More than 90 percent of American men believe in God, five out of six call themselves Christians, but only two out of six attend church regularly.
  • The average man accepts the reality of Jesus Christ, but fails to see value in church involvement.
  • The short time every Sunday morning is strangely disconnected with the remaining 166 hours of a man’s week.
  • 90 % of the boys raised in church abandon it by their 20th birthday with many never to return.
  • The demographic group least likely to attend church is single men, ages 18-35.
  • The typical U.S. congregation draws an adult crowd that’s 61% female, 39% male. Evident across age categories and even worse within some ethnic communities.
  • 25% of married, churchgoing women attend Sunday worship without their husbands.
  • 53% of “Christian” men consume pornography.
  • 37% of pastors admit a current struggle with pornography.
  • 86% of the gay, lesbian, and transgender community was raised in a denominationally based religion.

The Church is failing to connect men to a meaningful Faith…

CounterPoint seeks to lead men to know God, know others, and know themselves.

CounterPoint uses words like: Truth, Honor, Authenticity, Adventure, Risk and Reward, and Warrior to describe the masculine spirit in the service of the kingdom of Christ.

CounterPoint seeks to shows men how to integrate healthy, life-giving masculinity into their professional life, their family life, the life of the church, and the Community of fellow wayfarers.

CounterPoint seeks to respond to life-questions and God-questions in down-to-earth language that most men are hesitant (anxious?) to ask.

CounterPoint seeks to engage men in a spiritual quest and connect them into the fraternity of fellow wayfarers. By taking this journey alongside other men, they can learn to lead each other into knowing God, knowing others and knowing themselves better.

CounterPoint seeks to connect with men in masculine settings, distinct from culturally-defined religious institutions, where Christ-followers, and seekers alike, feel comfortable. This may be the local coffee shop, the back room of a pool hall, an auto garage, a wood shop, or your own living room.