Love is in the Air

Episode 005 – The Good Heart

There is a verse from the ancient prophet, Jeremiah, which states the heart is deceitful and wicked above all things. What do you believe about your heart?  Could that indictment be true or is there another option.  Tune in.   Subscribe on iTunes to the CounterPoint podcast I was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams   Episode […]

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Episode 002 – We Are Jonah

Jonah went for swim while walking out his journey of faith. This short story is not the Sunday school tale of obedience and punishment. It is a story of God’s pursuit of man, I the quest for bringing His Kingdom to earth.  Take a listen and discover where your journey intersects with this ancient prophet. […]

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What God Wants-2

One day, while peering out the castle window, he notices the neighbor’s wife taking a bath in her rooftop hot tub. Suddenly living this divine destiny is not good enough any longer and he decides he wants, needs, deserves more. So, being the king, he simply takes what he wants.  He ships the woman’s husband, who is […]

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What God Wants-1

Have you ever asked yourself this question… What does God really want from me?  Religious traditions offer up a lot of purported answers, mostly recognized by the seemingly never-ending list of “do’s” and even longer list of “don’ts”.  To put it in perspective for the married guys, a life of Faith begins to look like […]

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