Episode 023 – Lies We Hear and Speak

What are the voices in your head saying about You?  What is the recurring image, picture, or perception which plays like a broken record?  No, you are not crazy.  These are LIES! What you are experiencing is the work of the evil one seeking to disrupt, distort, and destroy God’s creation life. The Apostle John wrote the enemy comes the steal, kill, and destroy so we MUST wage war against those soul-crushing messages with Truth.  One of the best ways to do this is thru Affirmations; written and verbal statements which convey the truth about who you are and whose you are.  Trust me, at times you will read/speak an affirmation and the “voice” will scream against it.  Do no give up hope but persevere and you will seek a difference in your life.

Please share this podcast with your friends, and enemies ;).  Have a great week.

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