Conformity 1

Standing out in the crowd

Conformity minus Personality equals Uniformity

 All of society seeks some level of conformity. Whether be to a political view, wearing the same brand of clothing, drinking the same beer, supporting the same social issue, adherence to speed limits, Ford versus Chevy, American versus foreign, even wearing the jersey of the select sports team.  Just look at TV commercials…it is all about conformity. Or is it?

Is conformity a bad thing? According to the dictionary we conform by taking action “in accordance to prevailing social standards, attitudes and practices.” It is our coming to “a place of agreement, congruity, compliance, acquiescence, and obedience.”  Hmm, on the surface it does not look bad.

 So is conformity necessary?  On some level modern society could not function without it…for society would descend into anarchy or far worse.
Many times the oft-times-noble push for Conformity actually harbors an undercurrent towards Uniformity.  These two words do not mean the same thing as we will see…

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