Winter's cross

8 misconceptions about the Bible by Mark Driscoll

“How can you trust the Bible when it’s been translated so many times?” “Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes and contradictions?” Pastor Mark Driscoll debunks 8 common misconceptions about the Bible in this fourth…

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Episode-009 – Recriminations and Shame

This is the time of year when we look back at the year and see what we did, or did not, accomplish.  Such hindsight, while useful, can become debilitating if it becomes an indictment to our very being…our identity.  We all make mistakes, or make poor choices,, but neither are the final judgment on who […]

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I am out...now what?

Outside the Box-3

Freedom to Choose Life is all about choice.  Especially in America.  It’ is our badge of honor, our right, to have the ability to choose.  As such, we find that life rarely comes at us in black and white, with a clear yes or no, right or wrong. So, it becomes about the journey, the […]

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