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I am out...now what?

Freedom to Live Intentionally

While the other six freedoms are primarily about detoxing from the religious and social systems of our culture today and letting healing soak in, this freedom is about growing. It’s about choosing the way you want to be in the world, being intentional in your actions, and designing a life that is authentic and true to what God is calling you to.

It’s easy to think you don’t have a choice about your life. You are a product of your upbringing. It’s the family curse. It’s just bad (or good) genes. You learned it from someone else. But you’ve always done things that way. It’s the rules. Other people expect it of you. It’s how you have to be to make it in this world.

The truth is, those are all lies. Now before you tell us we’re crazy, it is true that your upbringing, family and friend connections, training, religious experiences, and entrenched patterns from the way you’ve always done things have a big impact on who you are today. But it doesn’t have to end there. It’s time to stop playing the victim to your circumstances and start living intentionally.

If you were to paint a picture of who and how you want to be, what does it look like? Create a clear picture of what ‘you’ would look like, and aim your life in that direction. Follow the Holy Spirit in creating a way of life that is God-honoring. Choose how you want the rest of your life story to read, and start living that out in your day-to-day thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

While this isn’t an overnight change, it is a journey of radical transformation that begins right now when you decide to start living with intention and authenticity.

  • Choose to live authentically instead of letting others dictate who and how you are in the world
  • Be a wise steward of who you are and what you have
  • Intentionally create new ways of being and doing things that really fit with God’s call on your life
  • Follow what you know in your heart is true instead of what’s acceptable and normal in our performance-driven culture
  • Remember your life is between you and God, not the rules of religion, society, or your family circles
  • Let transformation come out of your relationship with Chris.

Well this concludes the 7-part mini-series: ‘7 Radical Freedoms’. Hope you’ve been challenged to look at your spiritual journey and your life differently.

Adapted From the Outside Edge


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