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Freedom to Enjoy

Having fun is almost a bad word in some circles. Oh sure, it’s fine to take your annual vacation or play that game of golf on the weekends (as long as it doesn’t interfere with a church function or something equally important). And we hear lots of advice about taking time to smell the roses. But just try actually putting into practice a life of genuine enjoyment. You’re guaranteed to run into guilt and criticism before too long.

While it is true that there are people who are just plain lazy or revel to the excess, it seems far more people are on the side of work addicts. Especially in the Christian community. It’s that whole performance-driven attitude again.

I once heard an insightful Jewish saying that went something like this: When we get to heaven, God isn’t going to ask us what we’ve done; He’s going to ask us if we’ve enjoyed the life He gave us. Wow, there’s something profound in that!

The freedom to enjoy isn’t about being lazy or wasting time. It’s about celebrating life. It’s about reveling in the little things like a beautiful sunset, the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies, the laughter of children. It’s about doing the things that make your heart come alive, the things God created you for. It’s about playing with the innocence of a child to the glory of your Creator. It’s about getting rid of the excess and living simply, boiling life down to what truly matters. It’s about letting worry and performance slip away.

  • Dare to have fun just because you feel like it
  • Live simple and simply
  • Cut loose the excess baggage of anything that doesn’t truly matter
  • Take the time to relax
  • Ignore the guilt attacks and don’t listen to the voices of criticism
  • Celebrate life
  • Pay attention to what makes your heart come alive

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