Canvas: The Context of Art

The hard work of being human and reclaiming our humanity          

  • Check canvas:      
    • How are your relationships?      
    • How does your inner world look?      
    • How does your outer world look?          
  • Check dimensions:      
    • Are you known by love?      
    • Are you a voice of hope?      
    • Are you living by faith?         
  • Check material:      
    • Take a positive attitude toward life.      
    • Have sincere motives toward others.      
    • Have the courage to risk and fail.      
    • Embrace the future as an adventure.      
    • Celebrate mystery.     
    •  Remember that people matter most.      
    • Make life an act of worship.          
  • Embrace limits:      
    • Eliminate everything that makes you less than the best reflection of your humanity.     
    • Entrust yourself to God, to work with limited material to create a timeless work of art out of your life. 
  • Keep your integrity bounded and your imagination boundless.      
  • Live a principled life so that you may be most free to create a beautiful life. 

SOURCE: The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art by Erwin McManus

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