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Beautiful Ferocity

The CounterPoint group has spent several weeks discussing one’s heart desires, dream, and purpose.  Which should naturally lead one into exploring the voices shapes your life for good and bad.  This begins a short series of posts which provide a pathway towards discovering the voices and learning to identify the Voice of the Father.

Soul: The Essence of Art

The hard work of caring for our soul         

  • Make love the unifying principle of your life—let love inform all your motives, decisions, and actions.
  • Set time apart to be alone—begin with fifteen minutes a day to decompress and reconnect with God.
  • Begin a practice of prayer and reflection focused on gratitude.
  • Use the Psalms as a guide to work through your emotions, questions, and aspirations.
  • Allow the Scriptures to inspire you and awaken your artisan soul.
  • Take time to see and absorb the beauty and wonder all around you.
  •  Take time to enjoy life, and make sure you laugh a lot.
  • Connect to a community of faith and open up your life to others.
  • Do more of the things you love and less of the things that kill your spirit.
  •  Spend more time with people who inspire you and less time with those who crush your spirit.
  • Invest in yourself by bringing into your life voices who inspire you and refresh your spirit.

Source: The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus

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