Work of the Cross

Knowing Your Faith

The very presence of God was hidden from humankind behind a veil and only one man, a priest, could enter into that place once per year as a representative for all of man.  That veil was torn when Christ died, exposing all of God’s presence to man directly.  God exposing Himself and saying that you too can experience My presence for yourselves without an intermediary to go between us.  No longer does your sin, shame hold you apart from My presence. No longer does your guilt and condemnation separate your from Me.  But I accept you and pour out my presence on you even tho you remain flawed, even tho you remain sinful, even tho you remain imperfect.  I am restoring my presence into the existence of man.  For it is my presence that cleanses you from sin.  It is my presence that redeems you from unrighteousness.  It is My love and My unconditional acceptance of you that bring about the transformation in your life.    It brings about freedom in your life.  Freedom that you can walk with out condemnation, freedom that you can walk without guilt and shame.  Freedom that you are loved and accepted.  Just as you are.

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